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a challenge to slow down and listen.

Do you ever wonder what the heart’s of others are speaking? Sometimes you just have to slow down and let the hidden words of their heart flow.

slow down

As my heart processes images, thoughts, and precious moments I’ve experienced lately, I want to challenge you to slow down and listen to the people all around. you.

There are hurting souls everywhere.

You don’t have to serve on the streets or the inner city to see that needs of broken hearts. But what you do have to do is slow down long enough to REALLY REALLY listen to those around you.

There were struggling people in your church on Sunday.

There are devastated co-workers in your office.

There are friends who need you to listen to their troubles.

We run through our days not thinking about the hearts of others.

We run fast in this society. From sun-up to sun-down we are on the go trying to conquer that to-do list.

But if you stop and think about it our doing, running, and working all evolves around us. Then it is so easy to loose site of those precious people around us who need someone to stop long enough to see them, listen to them, and voice they care.

Become a heart reader.

What if we all became as Sam Bennett in the book Heart Reader? This is a must read! [buy here]

Lukewarm believer Sam Bennett awakens from a dream to discover that he can hear the deepest spiritual needs of those around him. Frightened at first, he begins to embrace his gift and follow the Spirit’s leading, with the result that many lives are touched and led to faith in Christ. In the end, Bennett’s life is radically transformed, and his friends, family, and church are forever changed as they begin to “hear” the needs of others as God hears. The Heart Reader is a moving evangelistic challenge for all believers.
What if we saw more than outward appearances and problems, and actually heard one another’s hearts?
What if we weren’t too busy to stop and listen?

I tried to hear.

Text messages flood in from friends. Some broke my heart to the core. Some needed help, while some just needed for me to hear their heart.
Text: l’m sure you know that l fell because I stopped going to church and started moving away from GOD. Next thing l know l start using drugs. Right now, l am broke, walking, without a job and my rent is due. And just to make it worst, l just got a call from the light company and it wasnt good. I havent talked to GOD in a while but l have been for the past 2 days.
Text: I have a young lady who strips in the club. She has two girls who have nothing (supplies, shoes, and clothes) and have not gone to school yet.
Text: A few weeks ago we had a meeting at a restaurant & we met & prayed with a young waitress there. She contacted me this morning; she’s homeless, has no $’s & had her ID stolen. What are your recommendations on where I could potentially take her for shelter? How do I even go about that?

In the midst of your busy — slow down.

Each person that texted just needed someone to hear them. Hear the cry of their heart of frustration, helplessness, and/or fear. Each person and individual need — a silent cry of their heart.

Have you ever stopped to watch people? Do you ever wonder what their heart is crying out for?

I challenge you to slow down this week and really begin to listen. Stop and truly hear. Assess what their heart might be trying to tell you. You’ll be amazed.

Is slowing down long enough to listen to others hard for you?

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  • Lupe

    Wow I love this. Thank you. Since we moved up here to S.A., I see more homelessness. My heart breaks each time. I wish I could fill all of their needs. I pray for them & especially the children. I know any little bit can help anyone.