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is my dream from god.

Last week I took a step, read it here. However, I’m not done conquering that fear.  This is all because a friend said, “Will you take a risk with me?” Thanks Amy Sullivan! I think I just said that sarcastically. 


But this week, I’d rather hear from you. Did you take the challenge? What are you risking? Are you following your dream?

Having a dream is scary.

There are many reasons for this. Maybe the dream seems so huge that we think that there is no way we can find the resources or knowledge to conquer it. Some of us know that when we begin to share that dream many are going to oppose our vision. And a great many of us analyze the dream and let the paralysis due to worry’s and what-if’s stop us before we take our first step.

And that’s where risking comes in. You have to be willing to step out despite those obstacles and huge road blocks that you see in your minds eye. The truth is you will never know what the journey ahead will bring until you begin the journey! [tweet that]

But for many of us,, I think there is another component to the reason why we don’t move.

Is this God’s will?

Our visions and dreams seem so elusive that we can’t tell where they came from. And that’s where I sat a few weeks ago. I knew what my heart was burdened for, and I could see the vision faintly in my mind. In the beginning I knew God had placed it there, but over time the wear and tear of my soul made me question if this was just something I had conjured.

I tossed and turned wondering what if this isn’t God’s plan, but my own made up dream?

All the while, I didn’t realize how that one question had me on pause. Risking seemed even harder because of my uncertainty and lack of self-confidence.

Today is the Day.

My pastor, Bil Cornelius of Bay Area Fellowship, released his new best-selling book Today is the Day: find and embrace your God-given dream about a week ago. I couldn’t wait to get my copy — you can get yours here.

As I settled in with the book and my journal, my spirit stirred. There was an excitement about the wisdom I’d gain. I cracked open the new book (there’s nothing like a new book) and got my highlighter ready. As I turned to Chapter One, I gasp.

There is was in bold letters.

Is My Dream from God?

My heart started pounding. I couldn’t believe there was my unanswered question staring at me off the page. Surely answers awaited.

Pastor Bil brings God’s truth to light through the journey of Nehemiah. He gives eight clues so you can test and validate the desires of your heart — your dream. To read those clues and the rest of his message, order your book here.

As each clue unfolded, I was amazed. My vision, after being a simmering ember, became a burning flame. With each clue I grew more confident in the way God was leading me and that is was time to move. To act. To do. To risk.

“If your dream seems crazy or daring, this may be an indication it’s a God-given dream. We serve a big God. You cannot achieve great things by thinking small.” Bil Cornelius

And so I took a step.

The vision God has given me is to reach out to the girls on the streets who are caught up in sex trade. Even after a year of serving on the streets, I feel I need more knowledge. So I risk and schedule a meeting with someone who knows the streets all too well.

It felt like an eternity into our conversation before I was brave enough to ask, “You know the places you’ve been. The girls you know there. Is there anyway you can take me to meet them? To get to know them?”

A long stare and pause. I blink as I feel a tear forming. I know the thought came out as uncaring and I don’t know how to have this conversation. The burden is so thick words won’t form properly at the given moment.

Quietly a whisper forms, “Alene, you don’t want to go there. It’s dark. It’s ugly. It’s brutal. It’s all about sex, drugs, hotels, and your next fix. You won’t like it.”

“I know I won’t like it. That was never the question. But I have this burden — this unquenchable burden to help those girls,” I sputter out.

And now there’s no turning back.

God created us all to be difference makers, it’s time to risk and follow those desires He has placed in your heart.

Have you stopped pursuing your dream for fear it wasn’t from God? Get Today is the Day and have those questions answered once and for all. It’s amazing the freedom that comes when you know that you know your path is a God-given journey!

What is your dream?

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  • I love this Alene. God challenges us to be “difference-makers.” LOVE this. Cheering you on! x

  • Amy L. Sullivan

    Would you have ever imagined God molding you for this dream you have going? BTW, I love some of the behind the scenes info you are sharing in the FB group. It makes me feel like I’m getting behind the scenes info.

    • Behind the scenes — wow, you make it sound so good! HA, just a scared little girl here taking small baby steps. It’s an amazing adventure. Thankful to journey with you!

  • Lisa Van Engen

    You serve with your whole heart and it inspires me.

  • I had to do some research for my book today and came upon this website I thought you’d might like: http://www.shessomebodysdaughter.org

    • Yes, Jen. That’s great stuff. Thanks for thinking of me and sharing the info.

  • Praying for you, Alene… I, too, am being led out of my comfort zone, and yesterday I started setting up some “research” appointments to determine “what next?” I’ve had some of the same dream questions you articulate here, and I love how God used your own pastor’s book to address your uncertainties! I’m asking God to level the mountains and break down the bars of steel as He goes before you into your unknown. Remember… There is no “unknown” for Him. Bless you!

  • Oh Alene, you could have been listening to my own heart as you wrote this. Two years ago I prayed a dangerous prayer, “Jesus what do you care about, what moves your heart?” He showed me. Abandoned people. He took me on a crazy journey into the world of disability, orphans, institutions, neglect, it was dizzying. I became so obsessed I told him, “I’ll go you just have to send me.” And he did. Family and friends heard my dream to go and see, they lavished me with enough money to buy a ticket and take a gift. My crazy best friend and I got on a plane and headed to an institution in Serbia with only and email introduction. All last year I’ve been begging God to tell me what’s next. It’s only been through the #RiskRejection and some new year meditating that I’ve heard him speak. I’m not an entrepreneur, therapist, administrator, or teacher, I have absolutely nothing to offer the broken people I saw in Serbia. But he has reminded me of who I am, I’m a communicator. I finally understand. He wants me to tell stories. My prayer is to write books that will build my platform so that I can tell the story I really care about and funnel support to the people so near to my heart.

    I love that God gives dreams and then makes a way to walk in that dream. I pray he makes a way for you and guides your heart.

  • Sharita Knobloch

    Alene, you spoke to my heart! God has already accomplished some huge dreams that I didn’t even know I had :-) And now He is working on some new ones, like fitness goals and (gulp) writing a book. Thanks for sharing this… And I am so blessed to #riskrejection with you!

  • Leslie

    Oh Alene, thank you for your beautiful heart. Thanks for encouraging us to see Jesus in everyone and to step out of our comfort zones and love others. Glad that I’m taking this riskrejection challenge with you and everyone else.

  • I love your abandoned heart before Him. Your “yes” to Him is inspiring!

  • Meredith Sings

    I love you. Like– really huge, really big.
    I am SO proud of you for stepping out into the scary, WILD obedience.