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when your fear meets god, nothing seems impossible.

Are you wrestling with where God has called you? Or maybe you are still trying to make out those small words He’s continually whispering to your soul? Or maybe you know where you’re to go, but you’re stuck on fear?

beauty As I sat there with the answers I needed to confirm this burden I carried was from God (read here), I knew there was a race to run. For me, a scary race into a dark world to shine a light for those caught in sex trade.

Stuck on Fear.

I rationalized for days why this call was crazy. I envisioned how others would think I had lost it — yet, again. And the questions that daunted my mind paralyzed my weary feet from even considering a step.

Have you ever noticed that the questions that rush through your fatigued soul only keep you stuck? They hinder you from stepping out in to the territory that God has called you to.

One small step.

Tired of all the wrestling in my mind, I knew it was time to take a risk. A step in the direction God had been beckoning me.

Deciding to move in the direction of your vision is exhilarating. All the sudden those fears turn to fuel that propels you to your next course of action.

We were having a women’s event at church and there was going to be free lunch, desserts, hair-stylist, cosmetologists, and manicurist. Knowing in my heart that this was the perfect event to get women to, we set out to the streets the Saturday before to invite women.

I wondered if they’d think we were ridiculous.

I figured they’d laugh.

But what I wasn’t ready for were the smiles and hugs. The words, “You’re inviting me? Oh yes, I’d love to be there. I’ve never had my hair styled,” brought tears to my soul.

Why is it so intimidating to go and love on others, when that’s all any of us are looking for?

And they came.

For a week, I prayed. That’s all there was to do. The team had extended an invitation to those on the streets, but would those girls come? Would one come? Or would no one show up?

We planned and prepared as if each one invited would be there and the room would be packed. We prayed expecting God to do miracles! And to me a miracle was going to be if just one girl showed up.

As the alarm clock went off, I sat up in bed last Saturday with a sense that God was fixing to do something incredible. My soul was beyond excited to see His glory at work. Rushing to get ready and get to the event, I just knew the girls were going to come.

And HALLELUJAH did they.

The event filled the room and there wasn’t a seat left barren. Worship filled the air, followed by a powerful word and the women stayed. They wept, they laughed, and they prayed. They were enjoying being in the presence of God and other encouraging women.

Nothing is impossible.

Standing in awe of God, I heard a cry. I turned to look through the sea of women waiting to eat or have their nails done and I saw a women with tears streaming down her face. As I approached her, her crying deepened. I could tell she was saying something, but I couldn’t make out the words.

I reached out my arms to hug her and she whispered through her tears,

“I’m beautiful! I’m beautiful.” Buckets of tears now fell from my eyes as well, as she continued to exclaim, “I’m beautiful!”

As I hugged her, I wondered what if I hadn’t pushed through the fear to invite women from the streets? If I hadn’t taken a risk, I would have missed this precious God moment.

When you see God’s miracles.

Seeing what God did with one little step of obedience, I’m determined to continue taking scary steps out of my comfort zone for the sake of others.

Why do we complicate the journey?

God just asks us to go. He hears the cries of His people and He needs us to be His hands and feet to bless them.

When your fear stares at God, God wins and does the impossible. [how about a tweet?]

What fears are causing you to miss out on God’s miracles?

May you determine today to step over them to bless another.


Thank you Amy Sullivan for the #riskrejection challenge for January. I’m no longer shaking my fists at you, but seeing the power in a community that encourages each other to risk!

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  • They came! As I read your story, my smile got bigger and bigger. You reached out in love and obedience… God showed off with blessings! It’s wonderful that you are already earning the trust of these women. Beautiful!

  • That is awesome, Alene! Now I can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  • AMEN!

  • Mariah Magagnotti

    So awesome. Now I want to go be brave!

  • Lisa Van Engen

    I love your heart and your work. God-breathed.

  • Oh how awesome this is!!!!! I love that God brought these precious women into his house to pamper them and love on them.

  • Beth

    Girl, I love you and your heart for God. I love how you take this risks because you inow He has called you. You are impacting and changing lives because you say yes. You are impacting mine over and over again.

    • I can’t wait for us to connect and impact the world together.

  • Oh, girl. Wow. That is incredible! Yay God! Yay you, for taking the risk!!!! What an impact on everyone who helped you as well. What an impact just reading the story. So excited to be on this journey with you!

  • Amy L. Sullivan

    I’m going through these posts and just shaking my head in awe.

    I’m better because I know you.

  • Leslie

    Wow! This is amazing.Thank you for being so brave and answering God’s call. :)

  • Jen

    Alene – This post literally gave me shivers then entire way through! It is one thing to risk dancing on the mountain top….it’s another to go into the deep, darkest places and trust His power to grips hearts and lives, and change the most destitute among us!! Love watching God surpass expectations, and by His grace…use us! More amazing work is still to come friend…I feel it…don’t you!? The words, “Why do we make it complicated” gripped me this morning. I needed to hear them! Thank you!

    • I’m the queen of making things complicated. I’m trying to have that child-like faith and just go when God says “go!” Trusting is a daily struggle!!

  • Oh my goodness – yes! This is exactly what God has been speaking to my heart, about letting my fears get in His way. I love this and I am so excited for what God has been doing through you!!

    • It is incredible what we get to witness God do when we step out and love His people! Glad God is stirring you up — just step over the fear and go.

  • bluecottonmemory

    I love your courage – to overcome through Him! I love how God stared you down!!! to do the impossible!