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Do you wonder what life is all about? You’ve been searching and yet feel unfulfilled. If so, Giving Up Normal is a manifesto that change the way you think as it challenges you to step out of your comfort to help others. The ONLY way to know your purpose is to serve others. The action steps included in this FREE ebook make it easy for you to live with purpose today. To get your copy (and regular updates), click subscribe.

when teenage girls write letters to prostitutes.

I woke up with a few questions to ask you: Have you ever wondered what you’d say to a girl out on the streets? Maybe you’ve tried to form words in your mind, but yet they seem to stumble and roll clumsily around in your brain not making any sense? Maybe you’ve never thought a lick about it? Friday Nights. Every Friday night I lead a ministry, Beautiful Night, that takes to the streets for a couple of hours to meet and give encouragement to girls bound up in different forms of sexual exploitation. It’s a ministry that God birthed by vision into my heart back in January and I’ve sought to be faithful to carry out His plan. Each Friday when we lead out we take […]

ban phrase #2: i wish i were in full-time ministry.

Sitting in a coffee shop visiting over a warm cup of coffee with a cold breeze blowing outside, a friend says, “Oh how I wish I were in full-time ministry like you.” The statement didn’t settle as it wrestled it’s way in to my mind. Actually, the words full-time ministry kind-of stopped my heart for a moment as I wondered what she truly meant. There are a few phrases that just don’t set with my soul. We looked at the first phrase I’d like to ban the other day, “I want to be a missionary.” And now we’ll look at the other phrase that should be ban, “I wish I were in full-time ministry.” Ministry. After I had time to process and ask more questions […]

ban phrase #1: i want to be a missionary.

Remember the media hype and confusion recently over Sheryl Sandberg’s campaign to ban the word “bossy?” I never really understood it all. Probably because I really didn’t take the time to. Actually, the thoughts I saw flying around social media left me uninterested. Probably because, as a mom, I’d rather my daughter come off bossy than the opposite — lacking self-esteem. Bossy can be disciplined to be humble confidence, where as the opposite would mean my daughter would feel like she had nothing of value to offer. But enough hubbub about the word bossy. There’s another word and phrase that’s been playing havoc on my soul. Missionary. Have you ever wanted to be a missionary? For years I wanted God to call me out specifically […]

3 truths i learned from Dachau and how they relate to voting day.

One of the awesome perks of being in the military for 23 years was that we got to see amazing parts of the world. Places that I probably would not have seen or experienced otherwise. There are still a few of those places that upon remembrance take my breath away. While stationed in Germany we took a weekend trip to Dachau. I wasn’t a huge history buff, but I knew about concentration camps. I had read the horror that went on there. But I wasn’t prepared for what I would experience once stepping on to that sacred ground. Dachau and me. After driving through meandering roads and small neighborhoods, we finally made our way to the parking lot. Opening the car door and stepping out […]

dear commercialized halloween

Warning! This is a re-post from a few years ago. It was actually part of a Dear Anonymous series that I did. Read it here. Halloween, I totally get that there are about 6,003 differing opinions about you, but the perspective from this writer who grew up in a satanic environment is most enlightening and totally worth re-sharing. Readers, I’d love your thoughts! Dear Commercialized Halloween, I try to get you, but I can’t. As I see kids running around dressed up in creepy garb, I’m taken back in time. A time to where I was little and Halloween wasn’t something fun; it was something scary that I was made to believe in. Why do I want to address you Commercialized Halloween? Because I want to […]

snoop dogg “be the first to show up.”

When the Dallas Cowboys are 6-1 so early in the season, I’d really like to take this moment to go on and on . . . but I won’t. It is hard to resist though (big smile)!! While I am a Cowboys lover, it’s not their team that I want to talk about. No, I’d rather talk a moment about the Denver Bronco’s. I don’t even want to talk about Peyton and the incredible record he set Sunday night. However, he is amazingly talented and a leader we can learn from. But rather . . . I want to talk about Snoop Dogg, Ronnie Hillman, and you. Let’s talk Snoop Dogg. I have to say up front I don’t know much about him. Can’t say I’ve […]

isn’t juggling rather careless?

It was one of those days! Well, let me confess — one of those months. Everything seemed to be pressing for a decision — do this, do that, no do this! Do it now. It can’t wait! My life was out of control and I couldn’t stop it. My days were full, hectic, and scattered. I wondered often where this path was headed. As my days screamed out of control, I figured my schedule was in overload shock. Surely there were things I was doing or involved in that needed to be wiped clean off my to-do slate. There just had to be! Yeses and Noes. I decided to set aside some time and pray through all the events I was involved in. Surely there were […]