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Do you wonder what life is all about? You’ve been searching and yet feel unfulfilled. If so, Giving Up Normal is a manifesto that change the way you think as it challenges you to step out of your comfort to help others. The ONLY way to know your purpose is to serve others. The action steps included in this FREE ebook make it easy for you to live with purpose today. To get your copy (and regular updates), click subscribe.

for days when you are overwhelmed — pray big, but work small.

It was a humid day last year when we piled into a 15 passenger van to take us into the Guatemala City Dump area. We were squished in like sardines this day and the driver was . . . well, let’s just say he was driving as all Guatemalans do. . . totally crazy! Our team was there to partner with the Guatemala Potter’s House. We were there to serve the Dump City and to love on the families that we were beginning to get to know. It had been a great trip so far. Laughter, tears, sweat and thankfully no blood. Through the mountainous drive, the laughter and conversation filling the van I heard that quiet soft whisper that I had heard years before […]

today i’m giving you total permission to not be in ministry.

The crazy thing about burn-out is that you don’t notice it until it hits you full-force. I didn’t see the slow creep of weariness that had been apparently sneaking upon my soul for months. Then all of the sudden the biggness of everything was bearing down on me as never before. It was just another day, and then all the sudden the burden felt too heavy to carry. I had spent years building a ministry, a platform (as that’s the new fancy word these days.) My days were a blur of focusing on numbers, stats, organization, and everything else it took to grow a ministry and make a difference. And when the burn-out burden hit I began to question whether any of this energy spent on […]

here’s the first 3 steps to take when you’re not OK.

Hopefully everything you read around here is encouraging and moves you to serve others. That is my heart’s desire! But, some days serving others is just plain hard. I was blown away when I recently shared that I was struggling with being real and sharing about burn-out in my journey when a friend wrote back, “People need to know it’s OK to not be OK.” With those profound words, I decided to be brave and write about burn-out and drowning. I was not prepared for the response from those of you who are burned-out too. So OLF’s (on-line-friends), let’s work through this together. Let’s refuse to let the waves of burn-out overtake us! First 3 steps to take when you’re not OK. 1. Don’t numb God out. […]

for the days when you’re burned-out and it feels like you’ve been tossed overboard.

It has been a year! One big event after another for months on end — not to mention the keeping up with the regular routines of life. And so many great things going on — oh how I wish we could have coffee and just chat about it. Life is so good! But somewhere along this journey all those awesome busy moments took my words. It’s as if I was thrown overboard and floundering for words seemed like a part of my life I could let go. To tell you the truth, there still aren’t words. Burn-out has set in deeply and on some days my own words are not even enough for myself. I feel like I’ve been thrown overboard and waving for help […]

let’s build a house in guatemala (your invitation to join me)

Three years ago when I was in Guatemala I heard God whisper, “Bring other’s back.” I really didn’t understand what that meant, nor did I know the journey that would come together for the years to come. Guatemala left me overwhelmed with the vastness of poverty I saw. I wondered, as we walked among the community and visited with the families there, how one person or even a group of 20 could make a difference. But around Day 3 when we partnered with the Guatemala Potter’s House I saw a way I could make a difference — at least to one. There in the lunch room I met Jakelyn. (read how God brought us together here) Our eyes locked and her smile grabbed my heart. I […]

be brave — you are the message.

Everyone is talking about being brave. Have you heard the buzz? I want to be brave too. I want to live bold and adventurously and make a difference. But what about the small brave we need to embrace daily? That small scary step of being who we were created to be and not trying to replicate others. A few years ago, I read the book You Are the Message by Roger Ailes. You’ll love the subtitle – getting what you want by being who you are! You really must read the book – it is that good. It was a timely message for me as I was struggling to figure out this crazy life — purpose, calling, and direction. The message blew me away as […]

craving results is tiring.

I’m realizing I’m such a results driven person. I need numbers, stats, and visual proof that things are happening. I long to know that the labor of what is being sowed is fruitful. Oh how I wish I could let this go because I know it makes me crazy. Not like pycho-crazy — but like that scary crazy in your head that gets dizzying day after day. Do find yourself craving results too? You plant, scatter seed, write, work, minister, work for a boss or raise a family all the while craving to see the fruit of your labor. You stretch and crave to see results. Then you soon find yourself frustrated and tired. It’s hard to work so diligently on something and then surrender […]