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stepping over fear to love a messy world

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yea, yea, yea, i know, i know.


It had been a night that stirred my soul. Stirred it up good with questions, doubts, and fears. A group of us had been out on the streets training, praying, and becoming more aware of where girls bound up in sexual exploitation frequented. I knew the girls were there as I see them often. Often! But this night there wasn’t a soul out. There was no girl to stop and pray for. By the end of the night I let the team know this was messing with me. Doubts were jumping crazy in my head, [...]

the nakedness of purpose.

I remember their comments so vividly.  Maybe you heard them too. “Color inside the lines.” “Brighter colors would stand out more.” “This photograph needs to be sharper.” “You have a gift for run-on sentences.” “This writing would offend my wife.” The gift of creativity sometimes does not seem so much of a gift. It seems there is a nakedness to our soul that is exposed. With the creation or bringing into existence a piece of art for the world to see, the creator realizes that judgement, critique, and vulnerability come as well. But there comes [...]

when your purpose seems a blur.

Are you at a crossroads where everything you stand for seems a blur? Or maybe you’re wondering where you are going or which way to turn? Some days you are not even sure how you ended up where you are now. But there is a stirring within your soul that is haunting you like a cloudy fog. It’s then the days feel like a blur. Among the fog of our questions we can feel so lost. Lost in the fact that we can’t even see who we are, where we are, or even what we are [...]

the story must be told.


Stories are powerful. They grip your heart and put real humanism behind the everyday ordinary. What’s your story? Maybe you’ve never written your story before or told it to anyone. Maybe you’re afraid of what others will think or even to experience the emotions that your own story might bring. But there is power in a story. I encourage you to write your life out in black and white. You do not need to be a writer. No, you can write it anonymously in a secret journal that you hide away. But one day your [...]

i quit.


Today marks the day that I quit. I’m tired, worn and weary. The fight isn’t worth it any longer. I’ve had enough! You’ve probably seen it coming for awhile. The lack of inconsistency, the tired look upon my face, and the overall lack of enthusiasm in my life. So I’m sure this isn’t taking you by surprise. Persevering is hard. The every day grind of hoping for something when you can’t see it wears on the soul. And if that isn’t enough the comments and discouragement from others suffocate like a dark veil thrown over [...]

it’s time to step out of the crowd.

step away

I’ve been listening to you all in this community here. I treasure your comments, posts, and messages. They each stir my heart to be braver or to rethink how I’m living out this journey called life. As I listen, I hear you saying: “Alene you have helped me step over my fear and into an unknown world. Thank you for challenging me to serve others and be brave. You have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone.” It humbles me to great links. I think the world of your time and treasure the [...]

enlarge my territory.


I prayed a prayer asking God to enlarge my territory of influence. I wanted to go somewhere grand. Africa. India. Cambodia. I had a dream of making a difference and it seemed all the cool stories of difference-makers were from foreign countries. I never made it to those foreign lands. God instead chose to enlarge my territory by placing me on the streets just 7 miles from my home. Somehow that doesn’t have the “sexy” appeal we all look for while serving God, but I wouldn’t trade this journey for anything. It’s time we look [...]