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when your heart aches and is torn between the tension of two worlds.

I boarded the plane a tired mess. The week building a house in Guatemala had taken more of me mentally and physically than what I had expected. But more than anything at this moment, my soul was an emotional mess. I longed for my trip home, but yet my heart felt this heavy burden of what I was leaving behind. Finding my seat and settling in, I sat there numb. There were no dictionary words to describe what I was feeling. And because I had no words, I didn’t want to talk to anybody. So I did what any other person in that situation would do — I grabbed my earphones, turned on my music, and just stared out the window. We taxied out and […]

building a home in the guatemala city dump community will leave you a twisted mess.

Leaving for Guatemala I was busy, stretched and frazzled. The to-do list of managing properties, answering emails, and conquering weekly ministry goals had left me stretched beyond measure. My weary mind questioned and doubted the words God had pressed upon me a year ago, “build a house.” After four trips to Guatemala, I know my heart loves the place. My soul craves to walk the messy streets and serve the people. I prayed that our team would love the community as much as I do. Oh how I wanted them to love that place! I knew that if all of our hearts began to beat for the community in unison then building a home would come naturally. A Walk through the community. Arriving at Potter’s […]

5 reasons why I’m returning to Guatemala tomorrow.

I sit here — nervous, excited, and expectant! Tomorrow I’ll board a plane and make the three hour flight back to Guatemala. Why, you ask? Mainly because when God says go and bring others along for the journey — you go. This is my fourth trip and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Because in the still of the mountains and the brokenness of poverty, I have learned so much. It’s hard to put it all in words, but let me try: 1. You can not truly effect change in a community unless you are there. I’ve donated monies to many organizations before, but never went to see how change was coming along and how lives were being affected. What I’ve learned is that you can not […]

when you wrestle with the meaning of what is church really all about.

Have you ever had a moment, day or even a situation where everything seems to have you questioning what’s the real meaning of “church?” Maybe you’ve been in church all your life and you’ve been hurt by others there or maybe you walked in to a new church longing to feel at home and were met with “you’re not welcomed here” looks and stares. I’ve been in both situations. What I know from my own experiences is that people from all around the world come to churches to gather hope, receive love and be accepted. Church. The sun was brimming over head and heat melting down as it does in the south Texas summer. It had been an exhausting weekend pouring into hurt, broken, and lost friends […]

for days when you realize your africa is only seven miles from home.

It was a busy hot summer day that had worn my soul out to the inner most parts of my being. But yet there was something so rejuvenating about it. Many new faces had showed up longing to get a glimpse of what we do on the inner city. You know, it’s exhilarating having others step into your area of passion to see. And this day was a day of seeing. It was a day when many realized it’s easier to sit and talk about changing a world, than it is to go and change a world. The world. “Go into the world. Go everywhere and announce the Message of God’s good news to one and all.” (Mark 16:15 MSG) When Jesus spoke these words […]

roots, wings, and raising children to have more faith than yourself.

It’s that time of year where so many moms are being stretched in their faith. We’re loading our children up on buses, packing them out for college, or letting them drive themselves to school for the first time. It’s scary days. It’s days where moms doubt, question, and fret. Yes, we do! This year has been different for me. I just put my baby girl on a plane for Africa. Africa — here she comes! She is on her way and I’m tracking her clear across the world. (Y’all thank God and the heavens above for technology!!!) This whole boarding the plane, not seeing my daughter for months, and not knowing where she’ll be has me thinking a lot. A LOT! Roots. I believe in roots. […]

to all the moms who are struggling through hard moments.

I remember when my first child was growing up, every little decision seemed so big. This new place I found myself — this place of motherhood — seemed so foreign. So scary. Three kids later the load of motherhood didn’t really get any easier for me. Having a conversation with a dear mentor (whose children were grown)  I was telling her I couldn’t wait until my children were older so things would be easier. It surely seemed the stress of motherhood would dissipate as my children reached young adulthood. After I rambled on for awhile, my friend reached over and grabbed my hand saying, “Oh Alene, it doesn’t get easier. If anything it gets harder. There are bigger things you will have to wrestle through and give to […]