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stepping over fear to love a messy world

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givingupnormal200Do you let fear stop you? If so, Giving Up Normal is a manifesto that will change the way you think as it challenges you to step out of your comfort zone to help others. The ONLY way to know your purpose is step over fear and serve. The action steps included FREE make it easy for you to step over fear today. To get your copy, updates, and Step Over It Tuesday encouragement, click subscribe.

snoop dogg “be the first to show up.”

When the Dallas Cowboys are 6-1 so early in the season, I’d really like to take this moment to go on and on . . . but I won’t. It is hard to resist though (big smile)!! While I am a Cowboys lover, it’s not their team that I want to talk about. No, I’d rather talk a moment about the Denver Bronco’s. I don’t even want to talk about Peyton and the incredible record he set Sunday night. However, he is amazingly talented and a leader we can learn from. But rather . . . [...]

isn’t juggling rather careless?

It was one of those days! Well, let me confess — one of those months. Everything seemed to be pressing for a decision — do this, do that, no do this! Do it now. It can’t wait! My life was out of control and I couldn’t stop it. My days were full, hectic, and scattered. I wondered often where this path was headed. As my days screamed out of control, I figured my schedule was in overload shock. Surely there were things I was doing or involved in that needed to be wiped clean off my [...]

the fear of not hearing from God – guatemala.

I normally post here on Tuesday’s, but since I’m taking next week off I want to throw some thoughts out there to you. I want to hear from you. I want to converse with you, as in conversation I find clarity to my questions. Here I was. In Guatemala for the third time standing in Central Park looking around at the beauty and remembering why I loved this place. The colors. The people. The busyness. It all captivates my soul and speaks quietly to my heart, “this is holy.” My quiet heaven is soon interrupted [...]

when dirty, messy, and simple became my beautiful — guatemala

ServeGuate2014 042

I left for Guatemala rushed and frazzled. There were deadlines to meet and my to-do’s seemed overwhelming. The world was rushing and so was my soul. Traffic roared by, my phone constantly beeped, and the American way of life had sucked me in. Life was happening full-throttle. My soul was longing for something more. Having been to Guatemala three times in two years, you’d think I could remember what I love about this beautiful messy place. I love the slower pace of life. The bright colors that make you smile and smile big. I love [...]

what i’ve learned and why I’m returning to guatemala tomorrow.

I sit here — nervous, excited, and expectant! Tomorrow I’ll board a plane and make the three hour flight back to Guatemala. Why, you ask? Mainly because when God says go and bring others along for the journey — you go. This is my third trip and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Because in the still of the mountains and the brokenness of poverty, I have learned so much. It’s hard to put it all in words, but let me try: 1. You can not truly effect change in a community unless you are there. [...]

i fear what joan rivers feared.

What do you fear? Come on now, be honest. There are so many fears that try to attach themselves to us and here on Tuesday’s we talk about stepping over them. We challenge each other to step out and in to the world unknown. Yes, that’s scary but it’s essential. Not all fears seem as monumental as: reaching out to the homeless going to the top of the Empire State building interviewing for that job you want Some fears are hidden and lay silent deep within our heart. I walked in to an office and the news [...]

why you should embrace your brave.

My heart was full of thankfulness that friends had invited me to spend a few days with them in Mexico. I was excited beyond belief when I looked at my calendar and on such short notice I could squeak in four days to get away. I boarded the plane with snorkel gear in my suitcase and books in my bag. Excited and ready for rest in the Caribbean. To say I was impatient to get there, well . . . that’s plain truth. My soul just breaths better in the Caribbean. Really, it does! Books for [...]