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the day i questioned grace and its boundaries.


I saw him. A slender, young man with his head hung low. He shuffled at a slow speed across the downtown parking lot. Everything about his demeanor told me he felt beaten and battered by the world around him. I approached him to pray. I wasn’t sure why the anguish, but I wanted to encourage him. To give him a reason to look up, I walked towards him. He slowly lifted his head and I said “Hello!” We conversed over this and that for a bit, then I asked if I could pray for him. It was then that his whole demeanor changed. He bowed his head and forcibly said, “I’m unworthy of your prayer.” I thought that was nonsense so I pressed further as […]

for months when the easiest of things seem the hardest.

Hopefully you are feeling some sort of freshness from the new year now that January is about over! I know it took me awhile to settle in and maybe you’re the same. When I had a chance to put goals and dreams in ordered sense for the year, my initial thought was this is going to be easy! At a glance some of the habits I wanted to conquer seemed so natural to take on. Keep the morning ritual — quite time, reading, and journaling Write daily Surrender social media Slow down to be all present in the moment Say no more often Get to the gym And diet — eat clean Easy breezy! I just knew that out of all my habit goals these […]

to all those who feel they are lagging behind in the new year.

Well the new year is in full swing! It’s rocking along and we’re already a few weeks in. But New Year’s day didn’t bring refreshment and renewal for me. How about you? With the whirlwinds of December full of travel, parties, and family gatherings it was hard to stop and catch a breath. My mind raced all month trying to stay caught up on what needed to be done and that left no time to be quiet and hear what my focus should be for the new year. New Year’s day was more of a let down. I needed rest. I needed organization. I needed time to absorb the past year’s lessons and highlights. And while I hadn’t yet accomplished any of that, my heart […]

while everyone is striving, I’m surrendering and letting go.

Why are there always such crazy emotions that go with January 1st? There’s an excitement and even a sadness of letting go of the previous year, but yet an anticipation of the new days to come. Last year was a year like none other. There were so many beautiful highlights from a daughter’s wedding, to our first grand babies (yes, there were 2 in one year), to travels. But amid all those events to celebrate there was also sadnesses — tears of loss, frustration, and separation. Trying to juggle all those emotions, I can now say, threw me off course. I found myself running down the path of striving. Striving to be the best wife and mom, despite all the changes. Striving to plan the […]

for those years when christmas doesn’t turn out how you planned.

I had great visions when I was a younger mom. As I look back I see how they were “visions of sugar plums” and fairytales dancing in my head. The vivid pictures of my three young children and I sitting on the couch all peacefully reading a book together — well, let’s just say that never happened. And as the children grew so did my visions. My minds eye could see my children, their spouses and their children all nestled in for Christmas. There would be lots of laughter, cookies, people and wrapping everywhere. It was family and we were all together. This year. I’m not sure if you just popped in to Positively Alene today or if you’ve been hanging here awhile, but either […]

don’t let grinch-like moments steal your christmas, you are not guaranteed another.

It’s that time of year where most of us focus on the birth of Jesus. Let’s just admit it that some days, it’s hard! The hustle and bustle on top of our regular daily to-do’s can seem all too overwhelming in December. Not to mention that some of us have said good-bye to loved ones this year and the holidays are filled with sorrow and memories. This season as we eagerly celebrate Christ’s birthday, my heart is also drawn to those who have fought hard battles this year. Some will live to see another birthday and some won’t. In the last couple of weeks I have had three cousins tragically killed in automobile crashes and said good-bye to a homeless man who breathed his last breath […]

the island of misfit toys, misfit souls and the misfit king.

I wake up and grab my coffee, but the morning is gloomy and life just doesn’t seem to make sense. I rub my eyes all to viciously for this aging skin of mine and yet nothing comes to focus. Some strange voice tries to convince me that I’m a square peg trying to fit into the ever illusive round hole. Then within minutes I find myself humming the song from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, “we’re on the island of misfit toys.” Where did that come from I wonder? The island of misfits. In the movie, the toys who thought they were misfits were all pretty unique. A Charlie in the Box A Spotted Elephant A water Pistol that shoots Jelly Unique and different, but they couldn’t see that. […]